YES, we are still booking sessions!!!


Mary Ann Sato of New Earth Harmonics continues to offer MANY one-on-one healing services to her clients through remote sessions only at this time. Included in our offerings are;

All remote sessions are being done over the phone or messenger and are approximately an hour to an hour and a half. all sessions are $100CAD or you can purchase a package of 3 for $220CAD (some conditions may apply). To book a complimentary call of 20 mins to customize a session for youself, to learn more or to book a service, please fill out our webform and someone will get back to you soon.

Remote sessions are very effective in helping with anxiety, fatique, chronic pain management, as well as emotional and spiritual health, wellbeing and healing.

How do remote sessions work? I get consistent results working with my clients remotely, because we are working with the quantum energy field, and therfore we are able to dial into the energy field quite effectively from a distance. More about how remote sessions work.

You can read testimonials of passed clients here or on our FB page.


Yours in Love, health and wellness,


Mary ann of new earth harmonics

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