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New Earth Harmonics


New Earth Harmonics's mission is to help bring people closer to their own connection with the Divine using sacred sound and other sacred and healing arts.


Mary Ann Sato, the founder of New Earth Harmonics, works with clients one on one to assist them with physical, emotional and spiritual wellness with her offerings of Biofield Tuning, Usui Reiki, Sacred sound and light language chanelling. When she's not working directly with clients she runs Spiritual, Wellness and Personal Growth events and workshops from the Red Hawk Divine Arts Centre in the Danforth area of Toronto.


New Earth Harmonics offers one on one mini events and other offerings periodically. Please check our FB page for more info on all our upcoming events and regular calendar events.

Healing Services

New Earth Harmonics offers many one-on-one healing services. Included in our offerings are;

  • Biofield Tuning

  • Usui Reiki

  • Intuitive Energy work/healing touch

  • Light language channeling

  • Sacred sound healing


"I had a series of amazing distance healing sessions. I was a sceptic at first about how this would feel but was open minded to try to help with my anxiety. Mary Ann spoke with me over the phone and explained how the session would work and talked me through what she was feeling. I also was encouraged to tell her what I felt in the session which was quite a bit. I was surprised at how much I felt. It was so relaxing yet such a relief to have the session. It felt like a weight was lifted after the session. I slept so soundly that evening and continued to feel energized for the following few days.
During my next session we went deeper into our conversion from the first session and I was able to get an even better sense of relief post treatment. I can say that during this very trying time in our history we are all under tremendous stress and pressure and this has really helped to centre and ground my energy.
I would whole heartedly recommend trying a distance session with Maryann, it truly works and she has a beautiful calming presence that truly can heal. She has a wonderful gift to share. I will continue to tell everyone about her."

-Erin Seguin, Windsor, ON


"I had the great pleasure of receiving a Biofield Tuning session from Mary Ann of New Earth Harmonics, who is also a former student of my Sound Healing training. It was quite thrilling to witness how masterfully she embodies this powerful Sound Therapy. I felt utterly cocooned in healing vibrations and tuned on a deep soul level to profound harmony. I can't recommend her beautiful services enough!"

-Darren Austin Hall, Toronto, ON

"Mary Ann is an exceptional healer. I have always felt completely safe and respected in her space throughout all my treatments. Her extensive knowledge of sound and energy healing has made me confident in her ability to guide my healing process according to her recommendations. I've seen her for chronic pain and she has used a mix of sound healing techniques and Reiki that has helped put my body in a relaxed and receptive state, which has greatly helped my healing process. Mary Ann also has a profound connection to the divine that I have not come across before. She has acted as a conduit between me and the spirit guides I didn't even know I had! It's been such a profound healing journey working with Mary Ann and I have immense gratitude for her and all her beautiful work."

-Alex, Toronto, ON

"I signed up for 3 biofield tuning sessions with Mary Ann Sato. After each session, I felt a shift in my overall energy. Among other things, she worked on my throat chakra, and I noticed in the ensuing week that my phone phobia had reduced noticeably, that my throat wouldn't lock up anymore while speaking on the phone or having online meetings (before that I would mostly remain silent). The biggest change was noticed after she performed an adrenal reset - I was exhausted afterwards for a couple of days (like she had warned), but after that I was full of energy like I never was before. The chronic fatigue that had plagued me for over 30 years was gone! Fatigue had become such a fact of life for me that I never expected it to go away one day. Mary Ann Sato has truly transformed my life. I'm now way more productive at my business, and have a lot more energy to enjoy the things I love! Thank you Mary Ann Sato for everything you've done for me!"

-Amy, Toronto, ON


"From the moment I walked in I was greeted with warmth, kindness and a cup of tea. Then I was asked to lay down on a comfortable massage table with a cozy blanket to slip under. After the treatment I felt more relaxed and centred again.

I would highly recommend Mary Ann Sato to anyone who needs a professional reiki healer or for some regular energy tune ups."    

-Corinne, Toronto, ON

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